Book Hunt Adventures 1 – A Walk to Remember

Posted on: August 5, 2009


The movie A Walk to Remember really amazed me. It still inspires me even until now. If I knew that a movie like it existed then, I would’ve watched it a thousand times over by now. It overwhelmed me. But, one night, while I was sitting in a corner, thinking about the things that have passed and the things that are yet to come (My spiritual side usually takes over at these kind of moments, you know, I feel like thinking about God and the things that he does, but I usually start to think about other things first before I come to that state), I suddenly though about where could the movie have originated? Who could’ve been the ingenious author that has written the story of that movie? Then one day, while I was talking to a friend, we came across the name of Nicholas Sparks and the books that he has written. I was fascinated by the way she talked about the book A Walk to Remember. And that’s when this blog started.

I tried to get my hands on that book, but no matter how good a book hunter I thought I was, I never found it. I’ve been through a lot of bookstores; I guess I’ve already covered every bookstore in the vicinity, but unfortunately, I failed. I started to have doubts that the book might never have reached the Philippines. I haven’t got that time to confirm my doubts but as far as I’m concerned, I need to find it – wherever it is.

But since I cannot leave the country – for goodness sake, I’m not rich and I’m 16 – it’s time for planB. If can’t have the actual book, then a copy will do. Anyway I’m not a book hunter to hunt book covers and book pages; I hunt those multiple-paged treasure chests for the story within those pages. In short, I’ll settle for a soft copy.

And there I went to the E-Lib; the part of our library where you can use computers instead of books, and it has access to the internet. My search led me to the site, a site where you can find a copy of a lot of books. And fortunately, there it was! All I have to do is copy and paste. I haven’t got the money to print it so I settled with having an “onscreen” reading. I was afraid to lose my good eyesight because of that but I really wanted to read it, so I took the risk. And it was worth it! Well, It has a lot of difference with the movie, maybe that’s why the movie was said to be “based on the book” and not “from the book”, believe me; a lot of changes were done. They were like two different stories that had the same main characters and just happened to fall on the same ending. The rest of each is entirely unique. But all in all, I love them. You know, my next book hunt may just be another one of Nicholas Sparks’.

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