A Strange Walk

Posted on: September 5, 2009

We were walking to a friend’s house one day when I saw this tree. We just came from school and we would like to watch a movie, but then my attention was suddenly drawn to it. I cannot figure out what tree it is but it seems from its leaves that it is a mango tree.  I saw a firefly flying around a branch.

“Do fireflies fly here by night?”I asked my friend, Ken.

“They usually fly around that tree in swarms at night” he answered.

I tried to imagine the tree lighting up like a Christmas tree at night with a natural glow from the fireflies.  It seemed very beautiful.

The simple tree turns into an elegant display of nature each time night falls, I thought.

“But the fire flies recently ceased to come.  I don’t know what happened, they probably moved or were sprayed with insecticides” Ken cut in through my thoughts.

I felt a surge of disappointment rush over my body.  I would’ve been willing to wait until it gets dark just to witness it.

I studied it for a while; I was ahead of my friends so I can use the time to observe it while I wait for them to keep up with me.  The tree seems strong and probably has lived for a long time now.

“Lightning usually strikes here and most trees are being struck” Ken said.

“This tree is lucky not to be one of them huh?” Edlyn said

I agreed.  The tree is strong and lucky as well.

I glanced at the tree once more.  I saw that there were a few flowers starting to bloom at one side.  When I saw the flowers, I was assured that it was a mango tree.  I pictured it with flowers covering its leafy top.  The fireflies might be gone but the tree still possesses beauty because of its flower, though it still depends on the season.  And it also serves its purpose by bearing its fruits.

My friends are ahead of me now and I am getting left behind.  Edlyn called and told me to hurry up.  I think they are starting to feel weird about me giving to much interest to the tree.  Well, I usually find myself interested on things that people finds to be common everytime I engage with long walks.  I try to find unusual thoughts about them.

“I’m comming” I called back to them.

Once more I looked at the old tree.  It gives me an overwhelming feeling in an odd way.  I guess I am just amazed by how God sustains and protects his creations.

“Goodbye old tree” I whispered.  “I wish the fireflies come back.”


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