Posted on: September 10, 2009 - night with beautiful sky flowe by myspacedogdog.  It’s been in the late part of June since I last saw the night sky without the clouds blocking my view.

A clear sky full of stars…

A wonderful night…

I looked up…there goes Orion, preparing to fire his arrow.

I gazed more…I caught a glimpse of Cassiopeia, frozen still in her falling chair.

I focused to see more…there was the Rosary, with its beads held closely together.

Again, I glanced…There was the small dipper, with Polaris in it’s tail.

Once more I looked…The moon was there, still holding the beauty of the night.

Everytime I see the sky like this, I feel relaxed and thoughts start to enter my mind.  I wonder about so many things in my life.  I was happy.  But ever since clouds invaded the cloudless sky, things changed.  My life seem to reflect the sky’s emotions…and there was I,  staring up to the clouds with a little light coming from the moon behind them.  It was sad…

Now…I haven’t stared at it yet…maybe tomorrow would be better if I see the night sky’s sweet smile again…The sky where I fell in love with…

The beautiful sky that enslaved my heart…

“Matagal na rin pala…sana makita ko na ulit kung gaano siya kaganda!”

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