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Lately, I’ve been very much fascinated with the talks of religion. I like it when I here people trying to defend what they believe. I’ve seen pastors being defeated by another and members debating about certain beliefs. I actually became one of them. Though, not many people find these things interesting. When I am talking to someone and they end up being defeated, they tend to change the subject. At most, teenagers find this kind of talks “corny”.

I myself have my own beliefs, but I try to be very much open minded with what others say. I try to understand what they are saying and then I try to pinpoint loopholes with their belief, they usually do the same. But then again, I always cling to my belief not letting any holes uncovered.

I am not an atheist and I believe in the existence of a God. I am also not a free thinker with no sure religion. Neither am I a pastor which I have no plans of becoming. I am simply someone who wants to prove to everyone that there is only one true faith, and I believe that’s mine.

Through my years of observation, I want to emphasize one thing that I have proven; that the Catholic Church bears a false cross. I believe their belief won’t lead in any place near salvation. I’ve seen many loopholes in their faith. First, and the most noticeable of all, they create graven images (Romans 1:23-25). They kneel down in front of them and treat them as gods. I heard one of them, an instructor of ours in the subject religion, saying that they do not worship such images but use them as a form of medium. Where in the bible can you find that? Would God require you to have mediums when you can pray directly to Him? And why on earth would they have knelt in front of the images of Mary, Peter, Joseph, Paul, John, etc? Left alone, having fiestas for them and not having any feast for God. And where can you find in the bible that they’ve already reached heaven. And as for their rosary, isn’t it said in the bible that we should not do repeated prayers (Mathew 6:7)? And I’ve never heard them expelling anyone from their church while in fact the bible says that we should excommunicate any deliberate transgressors, which is present in abundant numbers in their congregation. They also have sacraments that do not exist in the bible. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Well sorry if anyone is offended. I am not saying this to make anyone angry. I wouldn’t risk many people being angry with me if not for a good cause. But I cannot do anything about that, the truth really hurts. And pain usually makes people angry. But would anyone stand to fight such accusations, if they can be called accusations at all? I dare everyone. Prove me wrong and my loyalty shall be yours.


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